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Rich Summers ImageHaving worked within the meat trade of the green and pleasant land for over 25 years and in almost every part of pasture to plate journey of some of the finest quality livestock and game that this country has to offer, Rich has gained an appreciation for the highest quality British Meat as well as an admiration for those who produce it.

Having an understanding of the importance of well reared, ethically farmed livestock, along with humane and correctly observed slaughter  practices, Rich has been able to take what has been described by some as an holistic approach to butchery by combining these crucial factors with his knowledge of whole carcass butchery and charcuterie.

This approach has enabled him to not only to help others from outside the industry to fully appreciate what is involved in producing the meat we eat, but also to gain the confidence to get hands on with meat and take the techniques that have been taught to them by Rich to butcher meat for themselves and create their own charcuterie products.

Having spent some time working in high through put meat processing plants, Rich returned home to the artisan food sector 10 years ago where he applies some of the better ,more ethical efficient approaches picked up from large scale food production to artisan food production, and is fortunate to have the privilege of working with a selection of small scale food producers and food schools providing freelance butchery and charcuterie, artisan product development, new business advice, as well as tuition, instruction and demonstrations.

Chris Moorby

Chris has been steeped in the meat industry for over thirty five years and has always been enthusiastic about traditional artisan butchery. Having developed an interest in meat whilst working in a butchers shop and abattoir before achieving a Higher National Diploma in Meat Technology and Management. Read more about Chris…

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