Below are a list of courses you can take to get the best out of your meats…

Professional Salami


If you are interested in Commercial Salami Making then this one day course is for you!

Organized by Weschenfelders and Stagionello of Italy along with Chris Moorby of Leeds City College to answer every aspect of Salami production. Learn how to make traditional Milano, Felino, Chorizo, or how to create your own unique Salami.

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Perfect Venison in a Day


Venison is a majestic meat, rich in flavour and history. Learn how to butcher a deer and create a range of delicious products and dishes.

Our butchery team will guide you through this practical course dedicated to the king of wild meats. From skinning to salt-curing this hands-on day will teach you how to transform a deer carcass into oven ready cuts.

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Introduction to Butchery


Discover the art of butchery and master knife techniques on our practical two-day course; this is an essential course for any meat lover.

Our expert butcher will provide with an in-depth and practical introduction to the art of butchery. This course is ideal for livestock farmers, chefs and anyone with an interest in butchery.

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Beef Forequarter in a Day


Discover how to butcher a forequarter of beef and produce your favourite cuts on this hands-on course dedicated to the king of meats.

With a whole forequarter of beef you will learn a range of butchery techniques as you create a selection of cuts ready for the oven, griddle and stew pot. Take to the butcher’s block and learn practical skills with the guidance of expert butcher, Rich Summers.

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British Pies


This hand-on course is a must for all pie lovers. Join our expert butcher, Rich Summers, and turn your hand to making a range of savoury delights including hand-raised pork pies.

On this course you will produce: Suet pastry, Short crust pastry, Rough puff pastry, Hot water crust pastry, Chicken and mushroom pie, Steak and kidney pie, Steak and ale pie, and Traditional hand-raised pork pie.

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Curing and Smoking


The ancient craft of curing and smoking meat is as satisfying now as it was thousands of years ago.

You will learn traditional artisan methods which have stood the test of time and make your own delicious charcuterie bursting with natural flavour. Our expert team will demonstrate and butcher pork as you learn about the cuts suitable for curing a selection of goods.

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Game in a day


Satisfy your inner hunter and celebrate real wild meat. Learn all about feather and fur with this practical butchery course.

Explore the wide range of game available from the Welbeck Estate as you pluck and skin your way through this hands-on day.

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Pig in a day


From nose to tail, this introductory day is guaranteed to be instructive fun as we explore every part of the delicious pig.

Our expert team will then demonstrate and butcher a side of pork, as you explore the primary cuts, their secondary joints and ensuing culinary uses from nose to tail, and defining which cuts are best for roasts, braises, sausages, pâtés and terrines.

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Pork Butchery – nose to tail


From nose to tail, this hands-on day will explore every part of the delicious pig. It’s perfect for anyone who has previously attended our Pig in a Day course.

You will work with a side of pork learning a range of butchery and knife techniques. Throughout this practical course you will butcher a carcass in to primary cuts, their secondary joints and discover the many culinary uses for each part.

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